Chef Holly Jivin at Bazaar, Los Angeles

Bazaar is a fascinating restaurant in Beverly Hills, decorated with artifacts and curiosities from around the world. It’s also a dark and challenging environment to film in due to reflective surfaces. I used nearly 2000 watts of light just to raise the overall light level in the room, in addition to the interview lights used […]

PSA for a Silicon Valley Charitable Organization

In this promotional video, Jed York, CEO of the San Francisco 49ers, introduces several prominent recipients of grant funding from the Mission City Community Fund. Working closely with the organization’s leadership and the SF 49ers, I wrote the script for this piece, filmed the interviews using a two camera setup, and edited the final piece […]

Kostow’s Halibut

In this excerpt from the television show Lives of Style, Executive chef Christopher Kostow reveals the secrets behind one of his extraordinary creations. Shortly after this segment was filmed at Meadowood in Napa Valley, he was awarded the prestigious Michelin 3-star rating.

Bringing old photos to life to tell the rhino story…

This composite was created as part of a sequence explaining how wild rhinos are captured in Nepal for transport to other areas of the jungle. Photoshop was used to create a series of layers using samples from the original image. The layers were then transferred to AfterEffects, arranged in 3D space and “filmed” with a […]