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Chef Holly Jivin at Bazaar, Los Angeles

Bazaar is a fascinating restaurant in Beverly Hills, decorated with artifacts and curiosities from around the world. It’s also a dark and challenging environment to film in due to reflective surfaces. I used nearly 2000 watts of light just to raise the overall light level in the room, in addition to the interview lights used to illuminate our chef’s face.

Here’s a before and after of the color correction process…


East Bay Prison

The 1930’s era prison we filmed this scene in had amazing textures. The producer of this short film had previously tried to create a prison in a studio, which proved to be an expensive and disappointing effort.

We got it right this time around, in spite of being in a hurry. The production was paying two sheriff’s deputies overtime by the hour, so we wanted to work quickly. For the gimbal stabilized shots, I would do one take, check the playback and move on.