Testing Autotrack on the Phantom 4 Pro

One of the most surprising things about DJI’s updated Autotrack feature is that it doesn’t just follow a moving subject at a set distance. It organically tracks the subject, panning up and down and changing distance from the subject to keep it in frame. The result is a much more organic, natural camera movement than one might expect.


Still Photography for Vitamix

By request, I’m sharing a few of my still images of food photography. These dishes were as delicious as they look!


Chef Holly Jivin at Bazaar, Los Angeles

Bazaar is a fascinating restaurant in Beverly Hills, decorated with artifacts and curiosities from around the world. It’s also a dark and challenging environment to film in due to reflective surfaces. I used nearly 2000 watts of light just to raise the overall light level in the room, in addition to the interview lights used to illuminate our chef’s face.

Here’s a before and after of the color correction process…


Product photography for “Color” brand screen protectors

We’ve done a wide range of images for Color brand screen protectors. Clean, crisp product images were shot against a white background, “live” shots of the product in use were captured with models, and additional images were created to highlight the products’ durability.

Color did a major promotion with Instagram, paying influencers with massive followings to post photos of their phones in front of an interesting scene, with the scene visible on screen. The image of the train seen here was one of several examples that were used to promote the campaign and inspire the influencers to go out and get interesting perspectives. The image itself is a composite of two images of the train, with the screen image simulated.


East Bay Prison

The 1930’s era prison we filmed this scene in had amazing textures. The producer of this short film had previously tried to create a prison in a studio, which proved to be an expensive and disappointing effort.

We got it right this time around, in spite of being in a hurry. The production was paying two sheriff’s deputies overtime by the hour, so we wanted to work quickly. For the gimbal stabilized shots, I would do one take, check the playback and move on.


Packaging design for “Color” brand screen protectors

Nordstrom placed a major order with our client, Color Glass, and the chain’s buyers had some specific requests regarding the packaging. Produced by Monark using Adobe Illustrator, the final packaging has a clean look, and employs glossy finishes and embossed UV coatings. This product was a success at Nordstrom, and the national retailer subsequently requested custom designed screen protectors with stars and other details, for which Monark produced both the product design files and the packaging. The images in this post were snapped by my client when the packaging arrived, so this is a packaging design example only, not an example of product photography!


PSA for a Silicon Valley Charitable Organization

In this promotional video, Jed York, CEO of the San Francisco 49ers, introduces several prominent recipients of grant funding from the Mission City Community Fund.
Working closely with the organization’s leadership and the SF 49ers, I wrote the script for this piece, filmed the interviews using a two camera setup, and edited the final piece for screening at a Silicon Valley gala event.


Los Arbolitos timelapse

Sometimes you have to make a shot work, even if it’s not initially what you hoped for.
This timelapse was filmed over a period of more than three hours, with 30 second exposures at 45 second intervals. The footage was initially a disappointment: the frames were underexposed, lacking in contrast, and the light in the VW van flicked on for only a brief second. Worst of all, the camera’s sensor overloaded, resulting in a large number of “stuck” pixels across the sky.
AfterEffects was used to correct exposure (as well as possible) and to track and remove stuck pixels. Finally, the light in the van was spread over a greater number of frames and gradually faded out using mattes and layers.
I particularly liked the effect of the stars from the opposite side of the sky reflected in the van’s windows.


Kostow’s Halibut

In this excerpt from the television show Lives of Style, Executive chef Christopher Kostow reveals the secrets behind one of his extraordinary creations. Shortly after this segment was filmed at Meadowood in Napa Valley, he was awarded the prestigious Michelin 3-star rating.