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Night in Los Arbelitos

This timelapse was filmed while camping north of Cabo with the 1959 VW Combi. Exposure time was 30 seconds per frame, and the entire shot lasted two hours. This required extensive AfterEffects work. The lights in the van were turned on for one exposure, then painted over the clip and faded out in post.

The 49ers’ Michael Crabtree for Ubisoft


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The Falconer of Bishop

Ruffo Surfing Stockton Ave.

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Kostow’s Halibut

In this excerpt, filmed at The Restaurant at Meadowood, Executive Chef Christopher Kostow prepares a halibut with serrano ham. To view the episode, visit Lives of Style and scroll to “Michelin 2 Star Chef Christopher Kostow.” A month after we filmed this, The Restaurant was awarded Michelin’s highest ranking: three stars.

Big Sur Creek

Creative Counsel

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Meteor Wave Sailing

A tripod on a boat is about as practical as a screen door on a submarine, so I shot all this footage handheld. These shots were just for fun, but it turned out to be such a phenomenal day, I thought I’d post a few clips. The swell was enormous.

How I Work

I’ve found that a successful shoot hinges on three fundamental steps: understand the story, craft the best visuals possible in unpredictable circumstances, and anticipate how each shot fits into the final cut. Two skills that I’ve developed in other endeavors have served me well in filmmaking. I started working in audio recording before I was…